Gillette has always been a company that encourages men to be their best. It is not just a philosophy that we propagate, but rather a feeling that runs through the veins of every individual that works here and even extends to those who purchase our products.

Recently as a brand, we decided to take a strong stance to actively challenge stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man. And this goes beyond just talking about it, but rather actively reaching out to the community, educating people and propelling change.

We will leave no stone unturned to showcase our commitment towards breaking stereotypes and building a positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy version of what it means to be a man.

We bring you one such story, a story of two girls who broke barriers and challenged the rules laid down by society, and it is this very spirit that Gillette is saluting today!

When their father suffered from a paralytic attack, Jyoti (18) and Neha (16) had a choice of sitting down and crying about their future, instead they decided to take matters into their own hands. With the sheer perseverance and grit to survive, the girls defied the norms and began to run their father’s barbershop. The sisters started working as barbers in the guise of boys. This was at a makeshift shop owned by their father Dhruv Narayan in Banwari Tola, a small village in Kushinagar, UP

It was only recently, that people outside the village discovered that they were girls doing a job usually done by men. While in rural India most women limit themselves to cottage industries, running a male salon was unheard of and the support they received from the men in the village was commendable. The pair earned a meagre daily wage from the business but managed to pay for their father’s treatment and support the family.

We believe in doing so, the two sisters haven’t just achieved the unthinkable by shaving stereotypes, but have also emerged as role models whom an entire generation of boys can look up to and take a cue from.

Being a brand that is socially responsible and takes pride in creating a shift – Gillette wanted to further equip these women with the skills that would not just help them thrive but soar.

We have taken a step forward to celebrate both the girls and the men in their village, who are an inspiration to society and we want their story to be told across the world. As a part of our ongoing ‘Safalta Apni Mutthi Mein’ programme, we will be rewarding both these girls for challenging the odds and succeeding. Gillette will be providing them skill set training for styling and grooming, wherein we will enrol them in top salon academies to get full-fledged training, after which they will get a chance to work in India’s most esteemed and well recognised salon.

‘Safalta Apni Mutthi Mein’ is a unique platform that provides soft skills and grooming guidance and training to students to enable them with self-assurance and prepare them for their future endeavours. Through this initiative, Gillette has reached out to more than 5,000 colleges and 4 million students across the country. Further, Gillette has created guaranteed job opportunities for the youth across the country.

With this scholarship, life for Jyoti and Neha comes full circle, as they will continue to inspire the future generation of men by showing them a better path.